Summer ซัมเมอร์ เรียนต่อสิงคโปร์ส่งลูกไปแคมป์สิงคโปร์ตะลุยโลกกว้าง

โรงเรียน รัฐบาลในซิดนีย์ และทั่วรัฐนิวเซาธ์เวลส์ (New South Wales- NSW)

Why study in NSW

Academic Excellence

  • Our schools offer academic excellence in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. Students acquire high-level English language skills, study a wide range of subjects and develop future-focused capabilities.
  • Programs for gifted and talented students and extension subjects in senior high school ensure students are challenged and achieve their best.
  • Each year over 25% of our international students appear on the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Honour Roll.


Exceptional Teaching

  • Highly qualified, university–trained teachers are accredited through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).
  • High-quality, engaging instruction inspires students to achieve their best in academic subjects, sports, the arts and many other areas of study.
  • Small class sizes provide more one-on-one guidance from teachers who cater for individual student needs and ensure each student achieves their maximum potential.

Student Welfare

  • Individual care is provided for every student in a safe and secure learning environment. Every school offers an orientation program. Buddy systems pair international students with local students to help them settle in and make new friends.
  • School-based student support personnel includes an international student coordinator, year adviser, school counsellor, careers advisor and English language support staff.
  • Students may also access our dedicated team of DE International advisors who provide additional support and individual services.

Learning Facilities

  • Digital technology is integrated through the school curriculum and facilitated through WiFi connectivity, tablets, laptops, interactive whiteboards, computers and video conferencing.
  • Modern facilities including science and language laboratories; libraries; auditoriums; arts, sport and recreational facilities designed to maximise student engagement, participation and learning. A range of technologies is provided for specialised subjects including 3D printers and robotics labs.
  • Increased engagement in learning is achieved through programming tools, virtual learning environments, game-based learning and multimedia creation tools and simulations.

Academic Pathways

  • The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest qualification awarded in secondary education in NSW and is nationally and internationally recognised. It is awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed Years 11 and 12 at secondary school.
  • International students successfully progress to universities and colleges in NSW, Australia and overseas.
  • Past international students are now enjoying success at university and in professions both in Australia and overseas.

Student Life

  • Students perform better in school when they live in a supportive family environment.
  • Homestay accommodation is a unique opportunity for international students in Years 9 to 12 to stay in an Australian family home and to learn about Australian culture. Homestay provider standards are regulated by DE International.
  • International students under 18 years of age must live with a parent or approved carer

International Student Program fees

School subjects
Primary School Junior Secondary School Senior Secondary School

NSW government schools

encourage self-expression and help

students become independent

learners. Students will develop

strong literacy and numeracy skills.

Lessons are designed to respond to

the needs of individual students.

Primary school education in NSW

begins in Kindergarten (5 years of

age) and ends in Year 6 (12 years of



Learning in Kindergarten to Year 6

focuses on six key learning areas



Creative Arts

Human Society and Its Environment

(including Languages)


Personal Development, Health and

Physical Education

Science and Technology.


Kindergarten to Year 6

Term 1 (January)

Term 2 (April)

Term 3 (July)

Term 4 (October)

Students in junior secondary school choose from a broad range of subjects and take on more personal responsibility for their learning. They must present personal opinions and interact during lessons as well as ask questions and participate in group activities.

The junior secondary school program covers Years 7 to 10. Students may commence anytime up to the beginning of Term 4 (October) of the academic year.


Learning in Years 7 to 10 focuses on eight key learning areas (KLAs):


Creative Arts (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts)

Human Society and Its Environment



Personal Development, Health and Physical Education


Technological and Applied Studies. Students who are talented in performing arts (dance, drama, visual arts or music), technology, languages or sport may apply to high schools which offer specialist facilities.


Years 7 to 10

Term 1 (January)

Term 2 (April)

Term 3 (July)

Term 4 (October

Years 11 and 12 enable students to develop the necessary skills and knowledge they need to successfully complete the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC).

The HSC is a two-year program with assessment tasks in each subject and practical work for some subjects and a final external written examination, in each course, at the end of Year 12.


Students must complete at least 12 units of preliminary courses (Year 11) and 10 units of HSC courses (Year 12), including English. Most HSC courses are worth 2 units each. Students typically study a minimum of six subjects in Year 11 and continue with five of these subjects in Year 12.

Compulsory Subject English (Standard or Advanced) or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Choice of Subjects A wide range of subjects are available in the NSW curriculum, including:

Ancient or Modern History

Business Studies

Creative Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts)


Engineering Studies

Food Technology


Legal Studies

Mathematics (with extension subjects available)

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics)

Software Design and Technology

A wide choice of languages

A selection of vocational subjects that also provide a Certificate-level qualification upon completion.

Intakes Year 11 Only

Term 1 (January)

Term 2 (April)