Summer ซัมเมอร์ เรียนต่อสิงคโปร์ส่งลูกไปแคมป์สิงคโปร์ตะลุยโลกกว้าง

น้องนวพรรษ อัศวชัยศิลป์


Singapore English Camp is my first time for having summer camp aboard ,with EEST ’s staffs I felt very secure because they always took care of us like we were theirs kid. Also, I’ve got many foreign friends like Chinese ,Korean , Vietnamese ,Burmese from my school. Eventhough didn’t come from England , they were very good to me .I’ve travelled many places during camp , such as Sentosa ( Universal Studio ) ,Marina Bay (Garden by the bay) ,Orchard road and many other .It was a great experience having summer camp in Singapore , especially for the first time for me .I appreciate everything.